Fading Slowly (Solo: Jesseca S.)
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Choreography by April Henehan (Contemporary, 2015) Soloist: Jesseca S. (age 15) Attends Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL and trains at Britney Boyd Dance Company.

"Fading Slowly" is a Contemporary Ballet Solo showing beauty, strength and growth through obstacles and life challenges we face on a daily basis surviving one blow after another effortlessly as we pursue happiness. Performed for Faculty (Oct. 2015) at Douglas Anderson Sch. of the Arts as a required informal Dance department viewing for all Sophomore Dance majors.

Regional/National Awards & Highlights:

  • Showcased as an ensemble dancer with Dance Teacher Magazine in an article featured within the January 2016 Issue under the direction of April Henehan
  • 2016 West Coast Dance Explosion Nationals "2nd Year Awarded Fuzion Company Assistant" & Elite Dancer of the Year Finalist “Fading Slowly” Jesseca Scott
  • 2016 Platinum 12 & Up Dance Championship Invitation & Scholarship “Fading Slowly” Jesseca Scott
  • 2016 Platinum "Outstanding Technique" Judge’s Choice Award “Fading Slowly” Jesseca Scott
  • 2016 Platinum 3rd Overall Senior Soloist “Fading Slowly” Jesseca Scott
  • 2016 Shake The Ground 4th Overall Senior Competitive Soloist "Fading Slowly” Jesseca Scott
  • 2016 JUMP 10th Overall Senior Soloist "Fading Slowly" Jesseca Scott

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