Hubbard Street Dance Chicago In "Casi-Casa" By Mats Ek - Duet
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"Casi-Casa" Mats Ek, Choreography Fleshquartet, Music Mariko Aoyama and Ana Laguna, Choreographer's Assistants for Staging Peder Freiij, Costume and Set Design Erik Berglund, Lighting Design Jacqueline Burnett and Jonathan Fredrickson, Dancers

"I watch a lot of film and theater. And look at a lot of art. But what's important to me most is reading the newspaper, watching my children, watching animals move in the park, watching the traffic — things that are not meant to be seen. Social staging, as such, is very rich." —Mats Ek

Created in 2009 for Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, "Casi-Casa" is a 40-minute composite of two earlier works by Ek, "Appartement" (2000) and "Fluke" (2002) plus original choreography. Its score by Fleshquartet represents the Swedish band's ability to slide from plaintive to poppy, and from classic to contemporary. Elements of the domestic setting created by designer Peder Freiij for the premiere of "Appartement" at the Paris Opéra — vacuum cleaners, a chair, an oven — reappear in "Casi-Casa," as do some of its scenes. "Casi-Casa" was originally commissioned by DanceEast, Sadler's Wells and The Swedish Institute, and was first performed by Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance on December 6, 2012.

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