Be Individual - Jubafilms
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Categories: Hip Hop

Our 3rd Jubafilm! Enjoy! Be Individual - Every person's story is different, and therefore everyone is an individual. Dancing connects and brings everyone together, regardless who you are and where you are from!

//Music: - Vince Lee - Patrick Lee

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//Dancer: - Christian 'Robozee' Zacharas - Reagan 'Sugar Rae' Dikilu - Sharon Rostampour - Sefa Demirbas - Andreas 'WickedMindz' Maintz www. - Fatima 'Cleopatra' - Raebels - Manuel Bashir - Youngung Kim 'Jaekwon' www. - Fred Krutsch & Senad Bajrami www.

Thanks to everyone who helped us, thanks to all of you for supporting us and thanks to those who are such a big inspiration for us (LXD, Daniel Cloud, T7, etc...)