Rules & Regulations -- 2017 Monthly American Harlequin Scholarship Video Contest on

Since 1999, Harlequin Floors’ Annual Dance Scholarship program has provided support, encouragement and better opportunities for dancers. Beginning in January 2013, American Harlequin introduced exciting changes to their Dance Scholarship Program. To cast more focus on dance, garner more awareness of the program, make the program more fun, interactive, and to reach more dancers, dance teachers and parents of dancers – the American Harlequin Scholarship program is conducted on, its wholly-owned interactive, video web site for all things dance. American Harlequin will award (total) $1,000 every month to the winners of the 2017 Monthly American Harlequin Scholarship Video Contest. Each month in 2017, four winners who submit dance videos on will win $250 each to put toward their dance dreams.

Every month, 4 winning videos will be selected – 2 Viewers' Choice winners by the total highest number of votes cast on for the 2 videos receiving the most and second most number of votes and 2 Judges' Choice winners by panel of judges.

The following rules and regulations apply to the video contest. By submitting an entry to this contest, entrants agree to these Official Entry Rules and acknowledge that the decisions of the judges shall be binding and final in all matters relating to this Contest:

  1. No purchase necessary.

  2. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.

  3. Each and every month of 2017, a separate monthly video contest will be conducted which ends on the last business weekday of each month at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern time zone), with the next month's contest starting immeditately thereafter at 11:01 a.m. on that same day. If a contest ending/starting time varies from this schedule, it will be announced on at least 4 days before in advance of the deviance from the schedule.

  4. All videos must be entered on To enter a video or to vote for a video, one must register as a user on All videos must be uploaded from YouTube. A video submitted in one month’s contest can be resubmitted in a subsequent contest, unless it is a winning video in any prior month.

  5. Only residents of the 50 United States and Canada are eligible to win the contest. Videos with profane lyrics will not be accepted, activated nor eligible for the contest. Videos must be dance videos and no longer than 10 minutes.

  6. The American Harlequin Scholarship Video Contest on is conducted by and sponsored by American Harlequin Corporation, 1531 Glen Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

  7. There is no limit on the number of entries per person or per day. However, only one version of each approved video will be activated on the web site. Registered users may vote only one time per video. However, users may vote for as many videos as they would like. Entrants/dancers may win 1 monthly scholarship in any 18 month period. After any user has won a scholarship, that winner will not be eligible to win additional Harlequin Floors monthly scholarship contests for a 18 month period. If an entrant enters multiple videos for a contest, and those videos garner both the most and second most votes in a monthly contest, only one scholarship will be granted to that entrant. The entrant's video with the next highest number of votes for that monthly contest will win the second viewers' choice scholarship that month.

  8. Any entry method or any voting method that interferes with the legitimate fair play of this contest/promotion will be strictly prohibited, to be determined in the sole discretion of and American Harlequin Corporation.  Fraudulent, irregular, questionable votes interefering with the legitimate fair play of this contest will be deleted.  If mulitple voting irregularities occur for a video, that video will be deactivated. If a registered user posts a video that requires deletion of multiple irregular/illegitimate/fraudulent votes not in keeping with fair play of the contest or a video is deactivated due to irregular/fraudulent/illegitimate voting, that user may be disqualified from entering videos in subsequent monthly scholarship contests.

  9. and American Harlequin Corp have no liability for lost, late, illegible, misdirected, damaged, incomplete, incorrect video submissions nor videos unable to be posted due to technical problems or problems related to force majeure.

  10. and American Harlequin Corp disclaim any liability for any typographical or other error in the printing of promotion materials, the administration of the contest, or the announcement of a prize winner, including such error as may give an erroneous indication that a prize has been won.

  11. The terms and conditions set forth in these rules and regulations shall be construed under and in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey.  In the event of a dispute between the entrant and American Harlequin Corporation with regard to any matter relating to this contest, the parties will, prior to the commencement of any litigation, attempt in good faith to resolve the dispute promptly by negotiations between the entrant and an executive of American Harlequin Corporation and, if appropriate, their respective counsel.  In the event of any litigation, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington County or the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contest.

  12. All submissions are owned by the user with license considered to be provided to and American Harlequin Corporation upon upload to

  13. will comply with all privacy concerns per the CAN_SPAM act.

  14. To be eligible to win Harlequin Floor Scholarship, entrants must reside within the 50 United States or Canada. There are no age restrictions to enter the contest. However, only a parent or guardian may upload/enter a video for a minor. Employees of American Harlequin Corporation, members of their immediate families or living in the household of an American Harlequin Corporation employee, anyone affiliated with panel of judges, anyone affiliated with American Harlequin or its ad agencies, contractors, interns, consultants or fulfillment house are not eligible to enter the contest.

  15. The 2 winning videos with the most votes and the 2 winners selected by panel of judges will be announced within 5 days of the last business day of each month on Voting will close at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern time zone) of the last Friday of each month unless otherwise noted on prior to the close of each monthly contest. Winning videos may also be featured in e-newsletter, in American Harlequin Corporation promotions, or other American Harlequin Corporation or marketing materials and social media.

  16. Winning videos will be indicated and archived each month on under the Videos tab and may be viewed on the site for at least 90 days after the close of each monthly contest.

  17. Odds of winning are based on the number of entries/videos submitted each month.

  18. Winners will be notified by email at the address indicated as they register. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to notify and American Harlequin of any address, email address or necessary contact information at

  19. panel of judges is comprised of a former Publisher of Dance Magazine and former President of DanceMedia, the Executive Vice President of American Harlequin, the former Web Content Manager of, and a rotating professional dancer position. All judges’ decisions are final.

  20. Each entrant agrees that he/she meets the eligibility requirements when submitting a video for the contest.

  21. Upon submission of a video for the contest, all entrants and winners grant and American Harlequin Corporation the right to use the entrant’s or the winner’s name and posted video information for marketing or publicity purposes.

  22. This offer/contest is void where prohibited.

  23. Prizes: Each entrant of a winning video will win $250.00 cash. Upon verification of eligibility and once the winner has supplied a mailing address, $250.00 will be mailed to each winner.

  24. Any prize unclaimed for 30 days will not be awarded.

  25. Prizes are not transferrable.

  26. No prize substitutions will be awarded.

  27. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to a parent or legal guardian after verification of eligibility.

  28. All taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner.

  29. and American Harlequin Corporation reserve the right to disqualify, not approve, nor activate any video/content deemed in its sole discretion as indecent, inappropriate, objectionable, offensive, or otherwise unfit for dissemination, uploading, or broadcast.

  30. Participant agrees that the entry is made by the holder of the email account of the registered user submitting each video.

  31. By entering, participants agree to indemnify, defend, release, discharge and hold harmless, American Harlequin Corporation, their parent company, affiliates, employees, officers, directors, licensees and assigns from any and all claims, liability, including but not limited to negligence and damages of any kind to persons and property, including but limited to any claims based on rights of privacy, rights of publicity, false light, defamation, copyright and/or trademark infringement. By entering this contest all entrants grant to and American Harlequin Corporation the unrestricted right to use their respective names, photographs, likenesses, voices, and/or biographical information for content, publication, publicity, advertising and all other promotional purposes without compensation, review or approval unless prohibited by law. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

  32. and American Harlequin Corporation are not to be held libel in any instances where the contest is tampered with (i.e. hackers, computer viruses, automated entry devices, phony/fraudulent email addresses.)

  33. Each entrant represents and warrants his or her entry is not in violation of or conflict with the trademark, copyright, rights of privacy, rights of publicity or any other rights, of any kind, of any other person or entity.

  34. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and American Harlequin Corporation reserve the right to terminate, modify or suspend this Contest due to any of the following reasons: act of God; unavoidable accident; epidemic; fire; blackout; act of public enemy terrorism, war, riot or civil commotion; enactment, rule, order or act of government or governmental instrumentality or tribunal; strike, lockout or other labor dispute; inclement weather; failure of technical facilities; failure of essential production or technical personnel to appear or be available for production; or other cause of force majeure beyond its control. By entering, each entrant agrees that should this Contest be terminated for any reason, such entrant irrevocably waves any right to seek and/or obtain rescission and/or equitable and/or injunctive relief.

  35. And each entrant acknowledges and agrees to comply with the Terms of Use at and Privacy Statement at