Tanishq Joshi - Viewers' Choice August 2017

I started dancing 3 years back after a major leg injury. I was run over by a car and I had to be operated on with 3 surgical metal rods as well 3 screws. I started dancing as physical therapy but realized soon enough that I'm really passionate about it. I am a rising pre-junior at Drexel University. I take Modern/Contemporary/Ballet classes here as a part of my curriculum; however, for hip-hop classes, I travel every other week to NYC and go to popular dance studios like BDC, Dance Sport, Adelante Studios etc. Hip-Hop is definitely my favorite. To further breakdown hip hop, my forte would be urban lyrical and popping. In India, I got most of my training from The Dance Centre, a dance studio based in my city.

Keone Madrid, Brian Puspos, Vinh Nugyen, Matt Steffanina, Aakash Gupta, Piyush Bhagat, Philip Chbeeb, Jawn Ha are some dancers I really look up to. I study them carefully and analyze how they move. I try to move like them and copy their routines to get the feel of the choreography. That is how I learn to choreograph - by feeling the music in different and unique ways.

When I was doing the choreography, I hadn't thought that I would make a video like this. But when I showed my latest choreography to a friend, Anvi Dalal, who is an animation student, she said she would really love to collaborate with me on this with her skills. It's funny how we thought of this while coincidentally watching an animation movie.

My future plan is to just keep dancing, keep making concept videos like this, join a good dance company based in LA, maybe become a tour dancer, and then eventually start teaching dance. I have kind of a unique vision to keep working at a company as a Financial Analyst and still dance and complete all these goals I want. I hope I make it there one day.

My social media accounts are - 

 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tanishq_joshi/

 Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHxzbIpRUPYI9xZW8P7hJRg

 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tanishqjoshi21

Thank you for choosing me as a winner. I really respect what you are doing for the community.