Tristi Edsel - November 2016 Viewers' Choice
 Hi! I am Tristin Edsel. I am in my 11th year of dance now. I love all styles of dance, but my favorites would be Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater...pretty much all of it! I have been very fortunate to have studied under some really great choreographers, but some of my favorites would have to be Dale Lam, Pamela Myers Wurdeman, Nick Lazzarini, Allain Lupien, Mitchell Federan, David Parsons Project, Andrew Winghart, Mia Michaels, MJ Melissa Jackson, and Travis Wall to name a few. Dance just makes me feel so free and happy! I can feel the joy in my heart when I am dancing.
This solo was one of my favorite solos ever! I really liked performing the part! I like showing my sassy side. Special thanks to Sam Jones who choreographed this dance. I really like going to competitions and being on the stage performing. I like getting corrections from judges that are from all styles of dance as I think that makes me a better dancer. I have really been inspired lately by the David Parsons Project. They introduced me to Modern Dance. I hope to be able to work as a dancer when I graduate college. Ultimately, I would like to have my own studio some day with my sister! I would like to give a very big thanks to Dale Lam and Pamela Myers Wurdeman for all they do for me!