<p>Photo credit: Tristram Kenton</p>
Life on the Road: BalletBoyz to Tour with New Work

This month, BalletBoyz will be touring with a new piece, Life, featuring new works by choreographers Javier de Frutos and Pontus Lindberg. In this interview BalletBoyz co-founders Michael Nunn and Wiliam Trevitt discuss their inspiration for Life, the choreographers’ ideas and processes, and more.

Please tell us a bit about Life. and how the idea for the project was first developed?

We imagined a show called Life, a title that would be very open ended in terms of meaning, but that would spark an idea in the minds of the choreographers. They were both given the title and asked to use it in any way they wanted and what you will see is the result of that spark. There are predictable ways to create for a group of ten young men, but we were looking for something beyond the obvious. In Life, we have been delighted to find two solutions to the problem that couldn’t be more different.

How did this collaboration came about?

Variety has always been important to us. In the past we have wanted the two acts of a double bill to be in complete contrast to one another, but for Life we were looking for more of a connection between the works. Javier has had a fascinating career ranging from small scale dance works to huge National Theatre productions and it is a great thrill to get to work with him. Whereas Pontus was much less known to us. We had seen his work in some really beautiful dance films and thought that we would at least have a connection with him on that level. Our dancers have proved themselves creative artists in their own right, collaborating on two unexpected and wholly original works, which in strange way are mirror images.


Both Javier and Pontus are prominent figures in contemporary dance but both have different styles and approaches. Can you tell us a little bit of what to expect from each commission?

We obviously had some preconceptions about what Javier and Pontus might create but actually how they have created has been equally interesting. Pontus built up layers of movement until he saw what he had imagined whereas Javier chipped away, revealing more and more ideas until they began to form into a shape that none of us had expected.