Madison Lynch - January 2016 Judges' Choice

The piece in my video is the second duet that Lucian Brumber I danced together. He had recently moved to our studio. We dance at the United Academy of the Performing Arts, Oneida NY. I would like to acknowledge my dance teacher Wende for helping make this piece so special and technical. She is a great teacher!

I have been dancing for 14 years. I study tap, ballet, jazz, acro, modern, contemporary, musical theater, hip-hop, and lyrical! My favorite style is contemporary. I feel as if I am in a different world when I am performing or just playing around to soft songs.

Lucian and I collaborated on several occasions to create this piece, and our studio director, Wende, came in towards the end to put in a professional touch. Performing this piece was pretty amazing, I created the concept of war and leaving based off of some inspiration from the music video for our song. The story behind our piece can really get the audience moving and we love that feeling.

I have been to hundreds of competitions in my years and I have grown to learn one thing, It's not always about the trophy. Competition is a broad thing. There are so many dancers around the world and each and every one of them dances completely differently. My advice for dancers wishing to participate in competition is to be yourself. It's easy to lose yourself while competing because of the pressure to win or the intimidation caused by other dancers. My main saying is that it is not always about winning, it's about being yourself and loving every second of what you do. 

I have attended Joffery Ballet School Summer Jazz and Contemporary Intensive for the past two years. I plan to attend Joffery once again this summer to learn more techniques and to have fun. My goals this year are to be more confident and willing -- to step out of the box even further, because that's what dancing is all about: learning and growing.

Many things inspire me to dance actually. The way I feel inspires me to dance, the evolution of dance in the commercial world has inspired me more, and my fellow dancers are always an inspiration.

I plan to attend college in NYC for dancing. My biggest goal is to get into Julliard which sounds impossible but I'm willing to risk it all. My other top choices are NYU, Marymount Manhatten, Fordham and PACE University. I also aspire to perform in shows (perhaps Broadway) and venture into the world of modeling and acting. Hopefully, soon after college and many many auditions in NY, I hope to travel to LA for more opportunities. My goal in life is to feel happy no matter what it takes, and I believe my path to happiness is dance.