Rebecca Flanagan - Feb. 2015 Viewers' Choice
I can't thank you enough for offering this opportunity.  I am so grateful and honored to win.  It has been wonderful to experience all the support and votes from my family, friends and community. I have been Irish Dancing since I was 7 years old, so for ten years with the Johnston School of Irish Dance in located in Syracuse New York.  
Irish dance is the only form of dance I study, but I am both a competitive Irish dancer and a performance Irish dancer.  As a competitive solo dancer I have qualified for and attended the Irish Dance World Championships for the last five years. In addition I am part of both a 16 hand figures team and an 8 hand ceili team. My 16 hand team is the current North American Champion. I will be competing with both teams and as a soloist in Montreal this April.
Performance is my true love, I dream of being part of a touring dance troupe after I graduate. I have been accepted into the first Riverdance Academy being held at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland this summer.  I am trying to raise the money to attend and this was my primary reason for participating in this scholarship competition.
My teachers Ann Johnston Sullivan and Patty Wilsch are both my teachers and my friends, they are my inspiration and a big part of why I have been as successful as I have been.
My advice for young dancers is to never give up on your dreams.  There will be obstacles put in your way to prevent you from achieving your goals, but there is always a way around them. You just have to find it. :)   
Thank you again for this award.
Rebecca Flanagan