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Jaylen Clay - Feb. 2015 Judges' Choice

I am in attendance at The University of the Arts. A junior now :)

Glory was made for a solo performance that I performed for A Black History Month Performance here in Philadelphia!

This past year at The University of the Arts I have been surrounded by great teachers and peers! So much support! I love the free space that I am in here in the city of Philadelphia. Everyday I am learning something new about what body can embody with technique and my own sense of choreography. 

My plans are continue to stay in class on top of this technique that I am studying here at The University of the Arts! Just dancing my little butt off :)

I have two new works that I am working on! You will be definitely be seeing them soon! As for performances, I will be touring as a company member with the Eleone Dance Theater this coming Spring and also performing in The University of the Arts Ensemble Shows this Spring.

My advice for other dancers considering studying dance in college would be to go into college with an open mind. You want to take any and everything in "like a sponge." This will help you create tools for yourself for the future of your own art. Your goal coming out of college is to become your own brand. "WHO ARE YOU AS AN ARTIST?"

I would like to acknowledge Lonnie Davis, one of my first instructors who has believed in me from the beginning of time with taking my first dance class with him as incoming freshman. I would not be where I am without his help, advice, pushing me to reach beyond my limits! THANK YOU MR. DAVIS :)