Payton Meuwissen – Judges’ Choice August 2014

I have been dancing for 10 years.I dance for Summit Dance Shoppe in Plymouth, MN. I would like to thank my Sister, Kendall Meuwissen, for choreographing a solo for me that highlights my strengths yet pushes me to grow. I would also like to thank all my teachers at SDS that work with me all year including Stephanie Wise and Linda Muir. I would also like to thank everyone who took time to clean my solo while my sister was at college. Thanks to all my friends that make going to class so much fun! I am inspired by my sister as well as all the great dancers I see when I go to conventions and classes. I want to go to college and study something math/science related while continuing to dance. I know that this can be done because my sister did it.


I can be followed on instagram at paytonmeuw


Once again, thank you to Harlequin Floors and The World Dances!