Lyric Anderson – Viewers’ Choice August 2014

My name is Lyric Anderson and I am currently a nineteen year old scholarship student training in the Alvin Ailey/ Fordham University Bachelor of Fine Arts Program. I have been dancing since I was the age of two, after my parents said that no matter what genre of music I heard I was always bouncing on my butt in perfect tune and rhythm. I began choreographing when I was fourteen years old. At the age of fourteen I was offered a scholarship to train in The Ailey School Junior Division Program. Moving to New York from Madison, WI was something unexpected and unplanned especially at such a young age. After researching different performing arts high schools I quickly began to realize I wanted to attend Fiorello H. LaGuardia Performing Arts High School. In order to audition I needed a solo, so a week before my audition I decided to choreograph a three minute solo in my newly rented studio apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Not knowing any choreographers or dancers to call for help, I knew I would have to showcase myself in my own light. After being accepted to LaGuardia I quickly found that I loved choreographing especially for myself because I knew my limits and how to push them as a dancer technically and artistically. It was love that also drove me to choreograph a solo that would help win a 2013 YoungArts Modern Dance Finalist Level 2 Award and Presidential Scholar Semi- Finalist Recognition/ Award. Throughout the past four years I've learned that my choreographic process for each of my pieces is very similar. I find music that speaks to me and gives me inspiration. This inspiration is often a dance that occurs inside of my head. The movements I see in my head I bring to life in the dance studio through different dance styles and techniques. It isn't until I have finished a piece that I find the meaning and story and its title. My parents call it procrastination but I call it different and abstract. The abstractness of my choreographic works truly allows an audience to interpret their own meaning. It is this idea of storytelling that interests me and inspires me the most as a dancer, choreographer, and person. I dream to continue to my dance training to one day perform professionally in Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and share my choreography with the world. Thanks to The World Dances and Harlequin Floors my aspirations will be made possible through their generous scholarship.

With thanks,

Lyric Anderson