UW-L Ballroom Dance Team – Viewers’ Choice April 2014

Thank you so much!! The whole team is very excited to have won our second Harlequin Floors Scholarship! The team has been very busy since November! We competed in two competitions: The UDance Fest in Minneapolis, MN at the beginning of March and the Iowa Dancesport Classic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at the beginning of April. The team did very well at both of these events and had a blast getting to know more dancers from across the country!


In addition to the competitions, we also hosted our own Dancing with the Stars event on the UW-La Crosse campus. Five professors were paired with "pro" dance team members to compete in a variety of different ballroom dances. This event was fun for all involved and we have even gained some new team members from our audience.


Right now, the team is focusing on fundraising and gaining interest for the next school year. We've been teaching free ballroom lessons to campus and community members for the past few weeks. We are hoping to have a much larger group of people competing and perhaps even some people joining just for social dance purposes. It will definitely be another busy year, but we are very excited for the adventures and experiences to come!


Thanks again,


Bethany Schur

President and Co-Captain

UW-L Ballroom Dance Team