Meet Kat Wildish Part II

In Part 1 of our interview with Kat Wildish, we learned about her exciting 40 year career. In Part 2, we discuss why she was such a favorite to the crowd as well as her upcoming show!  To read the first part of this exclusive interview click here.

Why was she such a crowd favorite?

“I took chances. Like if I was going to run and leap, I would leap higher than possible.  There were a few times I sprained my ankle landing because I jumped too high during a performance, because I pushed too hard.  The New York Times critic Ana Kisselgoff called me a ‘delightful young colt of a dancer,’ and it was true! I had shaky legs, but I was determined and just bouncing around. I think it was good to watch. As I matured I got more sure-footed. You still take chances, and some times they don’t work out, but with experience you learn how to make choices and constantly refine your performance.”

Kat realized that, for many dance students, the opportunity to perform, and all learning experience that comes with it, is drastically curtailed after moving on from dance studio recitals. “Once you get out of school, you know, adults just have class. What else do they have…unless the teacher organizes an opportunity?”

To answer her own question, Kat organized the Kat Wildish Performing in NY Showcase, which brings together adult students of all different dance styles to perform in a professional venue in front of an audience. “You often hear that the hardest thing to do in life is to stand in front of an audience and speak. Imagine standing in front of an audience and dancing! It can change your life, just overcoming your nerves and the fact that you’re going out there. And the audience loves it because they see themselves in these performers, and you feel it. I’m so proud of everyone!”

It’s an amazing opportunity and an amazing show. Kat organizes it three times a year, and the next event is this month on the 23rd and 24th. Get tix here to experience and support the joy!