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TheWorldDances.com, brought to you by Harlequin Floors, is your site for all things dance.  Harlequin Floors is steeped in the world of dance –  providing dance flooring for the world’s largest and most prestigious dance companies (ABT, NYCB, Royal Ballet, SF Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Joffrey, Australian Ballet, Riverdance … the list goes on and on) to the hottest entertainers and the biggest shows on Broadway and TV (like Lady Gaga, "Come Fly Away" and So You Think You Can Dance) to floors in the best dance studios all over the world.  At TheWorldDances.com you’ll find the hottest dance deals, news, tips and fun insights.  From valuable interviews with dancers and teachers facing your same challenges, goals and questions to tips of the trade from dancers, teachers and parents who have gone through or are going through your same stage of dance life be that beginner, intermediate, pre-professional, professional, retired or life-long dancer.  Visit often -- whenever you need a dance fix or a quick insight to what’s going on in the world of dancers at this moment. 

Beginning January 2013, Harlequin Floors Scholarship Program moved to TheWorldDances.com as a monthly video contest! YOU MUST REGISTER TO SUBMIT A VIDEO.  Once registered, submit your YouTube dance video today for a chance to win $250 cash this month! Every month in 2017, 4 winners who submit dance videos on TheWorldDances.com will win $250 each to put toward their dance dreams.  Every month, 4 winning videos will be selected – 2 by the total highest number of votes cast on TheWorldDances.com for the videos receiving the most and second most number of votes and 2 by a TheWorldDances.com panel of judges.  Post your video today and remind all your friends and family to register and VOTE for your video on TheWorldDances.com!  [Click here](http://theworlddances.com/scholarship/rules-and-regulations/) for complete rules: [http://theworlddances.com/scholarship/rules-and-regulations/](http://theworlddances.com/scholarship/rules-and-regulations/

Reach out any time with questions, opinions, ideas and inspirations on TheWorldDances.com, to karla@theworlddances.com





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